The Journey Continues: Oct. 30, 2018

Yesterday was a day of facing the reality for the schools and consultants working with them.  There is a great deal of work to be done.  The “honeymoon” of getting a relationship built is over and the reality of the work and the timeline for completing it is now before us.  As I got home from the day with the state dept training I quickly changed clothes and went to choir practice.

This Sunday we are singing a song where I have a solo which doesn’t always follow what the choir is singing.  I’m to have it memorized as the words the choir sings aren’t always the ones I’m to be singing.  Yikes!  I’ve spent hours on this and still struggle.  Last night I awoke at 2:00 am with the song running through my mind so I spent the next 2 hours listening to it on YouTube.  The song’s title is “All Praise Rising”.  As I was journaling about it this morning it seemed God was saying to me that I can’t praise Him if my praise is looking down at a sheet of music.  He wants me to know this well enough that I’m free to praise Him as He deserves to be praised–looking up!  I forget so often what I wrote in yesterday’s blog.  He wants me willing and He will provide the skills to do the work He assigns as it is needed.

Today is a follow-up from yesterday.  It is a day with the state dept providing clarity for high schools and the work they specifically need to do to get more students graduating and not dropping out into a society which tends to eat them up rather than provide a stable job market as it did when I was a youth.  I’ll be with the high school admin I work with.  This is part of the same reality we faced yesterday.  I hear God saying to see the problem but to see Him first and then let the problem be part of His plan.  I so want to be the servant He wants and keeping this perspective in each part of the day is a step of awakening I want to improve upon.   The leaders I work with are Christian which  I appreciate.  It also helps greatly that I don’t feel that old sense of needing to hide who I am.  As the song writer wrote–“I’m a Sinner Saved by Grace”.  I’m bringing this person to the table with these other leaders and teachers.  With God at the helm, His Work will get accomplished.

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