The Journey Continues: Oct. 31, 2018

Today my family is getting together finally for our monthly time.  It was early last August when my oldest living brother fell from his boat breaking his pelvic in 3 places.  He has had quite a battle.  We were actually to be getting together the weekend following his fall and this is what has been delayed until today.  This morning as I was having my devotions I asked God what He wanted me to know for the day.  He reminded me to give all joy and praise to Him that our Idaho family unit can be together once again.  My word, the brother who fell is 82, the one where we are going for the gettogether is 80, I’m 68 and the youngest is 67.  As my grandson told me a few years back–“We are lucky to be alive!”  In reality we are very fortunate to be together, healthy enough to enjoy the time and our relationship is strong enough that we actually enjoy being together.

This oldest brother is the one who has come to church the last two weeks.  I know the impact of this last accident has had a great impact on his reality of God.  He has struggled with his growing up and what he was taught to believe about the God we love and adore.  There were none of us who escaped dad’s wrath.  Yet, this is not the God we were led to believe in as children.  As I’ve been experiencing the healing from this current class I’m doing on Abuse I can see so clearly what God has done for us–for me.  No, we did not have a healthy home life led by a dad who directed you to this loving Father.  However, what I’m seeing is the gift God gave all of us kids in one another.  This is what I want to thank God for today as we are together.  God is so kind, faithful and good!

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