The Journey Continues: Nov. 4, 2018

Today is Sunday.  It is the Sunday to sing a song which praises God in spite of all that is happening in one’s life at the present, anything that may be tormenting one from the past, or anything one is worrying about for the future.  Praising God is a step in TRUST and FAITH.  I said yesterday that I’d determined this song today would be my last time to sing one like this–the pressure is too great.  Yet God is reminding me as He started yesterday, showing me how He is always in charge and that He lovingly wants to have His message delivered.  His messages are almost always ones of hope and mercy.  Yes, there are the messages of doom, but well ahead of the doom He has offered tremendous opportunities to grasp His Mercy and Love.

Mercy and Love are what I know God is wanting to offer us.  He asks that we lift Him up in praise TRUSTING and BELIEVING He is God Almighty.  It has taken me a lifetime to learn to do this and I’m only beginning.  The temptation to let anxiety be present and stymie me are ever before me.  However, God is asking me to BELIEVE and that is exactly what I will keep doing.  I’m not stopping what He asks of me until He stops asking.  Today, ALL PRAISE will be RISING!

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