The Journey Continues: Nov. 10, 2018

Obedience.  That is such a big and important word.  There is no part of living which doesn’t need us to be obedient if we are to live life to the fullest.  The world gives us lots of things to be obedient to which end up being destructive for us.  In the ugliest form, Satan allures us to sinfulness with its attraction.  It doesn’t matter our age, there are those sins which we know we shouldn’t do but we so want to.  The choice is then to obey our selfishness or obey our conscience.

I write this first paragraph because yesterday was one of those days where I was experiencing the results of obedience (choices) in destructive ways with those I was with rather than constructive ones.  It leaves me feeling helpless to know what to do.  This morning I was journaling about all of this and then asked God what He wanted me to know for today?  He immediately reminded me that the circumstances which man encounters as a result of his obedience towards God’s Light or his obedience towards darkness, are tools God uses to point man to Him.  I shouldn’t mourn these times but thank God for them.  When man is forced to look away from darkness and he looks up he will see Light.  If there’s anything I can and should do, it is to remember to always be looking up myself rather than looking only at the destructive darkness.

God really is an excellent teacher.  However, me being man, it seems I need to have these lessons over and over to remember my role in helping.  My own obedience needs me looking to the Light and often “being still before God” for He is the Light–not me.  To God be all Glory!  I want to thank Him today, right now, for the Good Work He is going to do rather than focusing on what I want Him to do.

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