The Journey Continues: Nov.18, 2018

This morning has already been incredibly enlightening.  As I’ve been writing about this of late, God has been fully addressing my need for release from the bondage of my abusive past. This morning God gave me some new insights which hit home. 

In my reading of Matthew, Christ is now doing much healing.  This is right before he identifies his disciples.  Joyce Meyer writes a note in one passage stating God sent His Son to be the one to bring freedom from sin for each of us.  In the footnote she states that after Christ did His work on the cross, he gave us The Holy Spirit.  None of this is new information but always good to read again.  Then she said The Holy Spirit is like a gardener.  It is His role to prepare the garden for a rich harvest.  This is now what began to hit me.  Let me explain.

This past summer I had a bacteria get into my soil which was killing my beans.  I also had an infestation of voles which were very annoying eating portions of vegetables as they’d mature.  I spent hours working to rid my garden of them.  Finally I had to give up on the bean crop.  I was told what I needed to do to eradicate my garden from the bacteria and I’ve now taken these steps.  There’s one more I need to do in the spring which I’ll do at that point.  As I was thinking about this and tying it to the fact the Holy Spirit is my gardener and I am the garden, I could see just what He’s been attempting to do in my life through so many steps He’s had me take over the past 10+ years.  The most recent is this Abuse class.  

I’ve had a bacteria in my garden called “unbelief”.  No matter what anyone told me, I still wasn’t good enough.  This morning The Gardener said it was time to remove this taproot from me.  He said it was getting in the way of living in today, for unbelief continues to bring your past into the picture which only poisons the fruit of today.  So, I let Him take it.  I know there will likely be steps He will need to take just as I will need to do more to keep this bacteria at bay.  However, for the first time this morning I saw a Light shining in this garden of mine.  I may not be good enough, but the truth is that God is Good Enough and He is the One who makes me so for His Holy Spirit lives within me.  I stand in this truth now.  

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