The Journey Continues: Nov. 19, 2018

Yesterday I wrote about the unbelief which God removed from the garden of me.  There were some other details about this I didn’t put into yesterday’s blog.  Even though they happened, it seemed somewhat bizarre so I didn’t want to make anyone think I’ve gone crazy. The only person I shared this with yesterday was the lady who is my prayer warrior.  She said that demon possession is not talked about in our country, but it is very real.  Satan only camouflages it so “sophisticated folks” like us won’t believe we have anything to do with such nonsense.  Get away from the US and one can see it being practiced all around.  

This morning I asked God what He was wanting me to do with this new garden?  I didn’t know if I should talk about it or not.  He said yesterday He had removed a demon from me which I knew he had for I heard him and felt him leave.  This demon’s name is “unbelief”. This is the part I didn’t want to talk about.  I knew it was real but it also sounds bizarre.  God was clear in stating this morning that in removing unbelief, The Holy Spirit is now planting “belief” in my garden.  One of the fruits of belief is TRUST.  My questioning of telling others is the lingering result of so much unbelief.  God even asked, “How will others here know if you don’t tell?” As I grow in my belief I will trust more and more to simply do what God asks of me.  I can be free to let Him do what He wants to do once I’ve done my part.  So this is why I am putting all of this in today’s blog. 

It has taken years for me to come to this place of believing all we know about God and His Mighty Works.  That all of this is entirely true for me–not just you.  If you struggle with this as I have, try giving God the opportunity to work with you in it.  God’s word says that Faith the size of a mustard seed will remove a mountain.  I must say, God has removed a mountain range that has blocked my view of His Vast Kingdom and Strength.  My eyes are still trying adjust to taking all of this in.  I do know that I have a lifetime followed by an eternity to grasp it.  Thank you Father God! 

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