The Journey Continues: Nov. 26, 2018

As I begin today’s entry I am awakened to something from the past many days.  God has been revealing to me as I’ve read through Matthew how little man actually commits to Him.  Man for the most part only commits what he is desperately needing help with.  The rest of life we keep for ourselves to manage.  God is showing me He wants me committed in all of my life.  However, this piece isn’t the revelation of the morning.  The actual revelation is that I am a new creation.  God is now teaching me what living as a new creation is all about. 

I’ve not had this conversation per se with anyone, but I would imagine if I did most of us would admit we spend our life after accepting Christ into our hearts, living as best we can for Him.  The idea we are actually a new creation is great, but the reality of it stays more in “the great idea” arena.  God is not wanting me living there in this great idea arena.  If I am a new creation, I am to live as though I am.  This living as one is all about believing I am one.  Today I am going to intentionally live as a new creation which will mean I believe it. 

It has been a week and a day since God removed from me the demon named “unbelief”.  God even said The Holy Spirit would plant the seeds of belief in me (the new garden called the new creation).  I haven’t discredited this at all, but today God is wanting me to not just think this is nice, but to TRUST this as I live each day.  I’m also recalling God told me the fruit from the seeds of BELIEF are Trust while the fruit of the unbelief, I’ve lived with forever, are doubt.  The last piece God is wanting me to know about the new creation for today is that this new person gives thanks to Him ahead of even seeing any fruit developing.  The new creation knows it will happen because it is all about the seeds planted in him.  I am no longer living on my own strength, but on the strength within me from The Holy Spirit.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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