The Journey Continues: Nov. 27, 2018

New creation living–Have you ever tried to put words to this?  Yesterday I spent the day working with the school district’s elementary site.  We are in the midst of completing a huge needs assessment, setting goals from it and then we will develop a budget for their grant.  All this has to be finished and submitted by Jan. 15, 2019.  The same is true for the Jr/Sr High School.  I’ll be with them tomorrow.  I write all of this because this is where I can become very dominant–taking charge.  However, I am not to be the one in charge or else the wrong work is getting done.  I am to be a light helping each site see what they need to do and then finding a path that has steps for which they can accomplish the work of helping kids learn at an achieveable pace keeping them at grade level.  It is so much easier to do the work and hand it to them and say, “Here is a good plan and so let me help you follow it.” 

I am seeing that a new creation seldom “tells”.  A new creation models and assists so the others involved can be fully engaged in the learning.  Always before when doing this work I’d be full of my own doubts thinking I’m doing this wrong, etc.  However, God is making it so much clearer that a new creation relying fully on His Holy Spirit’s leadership will see grappling as a part of learning.  I only shed light when the grappling is leading to darkness rather than to light. 

I am amazed at how God is making this happen.  Tonight this new creation is walking into our recovery class.  I’ll be facing the same chapter regarding “The Abuser”.  Last week was grueling but this time I’m going to walking in with a new mind set.  I am going to take the grappling and watch for The Holy Spirit’s Light.  If I don’t see it tonight I know He will eventually show it to me when I’m ready for it.  The old creation had a way of labeling me “a loser”.  I’m a young new creation, but I have a fully equipped Holy Spirit within me I will lean upon. 

So, I’ve tried to put into words–living in “the new creation” for one day.  Today is day two.  To God be the Glory, great things He has done.  Today I believe that great things will be done. 

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