The Journey Continues: Nov. 28, 2018

Living as a new creation doesn’t sound right.  Being a new creation is what I am and each one of us is.  Living as a new creation is what we do with “being”.  In the past week or so I’ve basked in the Light of living (being) a new creation.  So yesterday I found myself up against temptation.  It did its best to find entry.  I grappled with it and then walked away from it.  This morning in my devotions I recognized something I’m going to need to grow into.  

A week ago last Sunday I had this wonderful experience of God removing “unbelief” from me.  I could nicely see in my mind “The Holy Spirit” standing guard so this demon could not return.  Yesterday’s moment of temptation was a time of choice.  I found myself quickly processing choice from old thinking–the old creation ways which would usually lose.  God is teaching me to reach out to The Holy Spirit when this time comes.  He is The Gift Christ gave me and to each of us as we choose Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives.  I’d forgotten this yesterday at the “panic” moment of temptation.  I fought alone.  I am learning how to live in my new creation being.  Allowing The Holy Spirit to answer the door of temptation rather than me is the answer.  The deceiver awaits entrance and I never want him here again.  

In Mark where my scripture reading has me, Christ heals the woman who touched His garment which stopped her blood flow of 12 years.  Christ’s new creation blood healed her.  This happened because she believed, reached out and touched the hem of His garment.  The new creation does this–believes.  This is where I want to live the rest of my earthly life.

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