The Journey Continues: Nov. 29, 2018

When Christ comes into our lives as we turn our lives over to Him, I think the work is done.  For years and years I fought to be worthy of Him thinking that was the reason I still struggled.  Boy, has the present few weeks been revealing and teaching me an entirely new way of thinking and living.  

When we are told that we are a new creation in Christ, it is true.  What we are often not told is that the new creation is first a spiritual being.  In order for us to live as this new creation we must address all the earthly physical, emotional scars we have been given in life along with the selfish temptations which do not honor God’s choices.  This class on Abuse is cleaning up all that I’ve needed to know and believe so I could finally see that I too am a new creation. 

Christ talks about planting seed in the parable about the farmer found in Matthew 13.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard this and tried to make meaning of it for me.  Finally, now that I’m at this place of awakening spiritually, I can see that Christ is clearly talking about the destructive thinking and believing we have regarding our own selves.  If I didn’t believe I could be effective for Christ I’d sabotage what I’d do by leaving it early, not connecting with the people to follow it up, etc.  Now that God is cleaning up my mind so I can believe as He wants me to, I can see so much more clearly all He talks about in Matthew. 

As I continue to be involved with our Celebrate Recovery ministry and our Recovery Classes, I want to help others find their own obstacles along this line.  Satan, being the deceiver he is, wants us bound by the unbelief life has given us.  I see this so clearly today.  The mountain that the mustard seed sized faith removes has now been removed for me so I can see “believing as me”.  How I thank God for keeping me here so I could finally find this GIFT! 

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