The Journey Continues: Nov. 30, 2018

Today God has shown me a piece of His Freedom I’ve not seen until now.  Last night I taught the lesson TURN for our Celebrate Recovery Group.  The acrostic stands for: T=Trust, U=Understand, R=Repent, N=New Life.  The lesson meant more to me last night and now this morning than it ever has before.  It says that in order to have New Life we start with Trusting.  We need to Understand that the battles we face with Hurts, Hang-Ups and Habits are not won with our own strength.  We must surrender our will to overcome them to Christ and in this surrender we obtain His Strength to overcome them.  We also must repent of our sin and desire to do this myself.  When this is done we are given New Life.  

Every since God removed the demon Unbelief from me I am seeing more and more clearly some things I’ve never understood as I do today.  The new creation I keep talking about is this New Life–that much I did understand.  What I’ve never understood was the part of surrendering my will (strength) so Christ’s Work on the Cross could do its part.  I knew it had to be true but I often couldn’t find this promised strength for me. I’ve always dealt with temptation with fear and panic.  When the temptation to look at porn would hit me I’d be instantly taken back in my mind to the memories of abuse and helplessness.  I’d hear dad’s voice and think I simply have no capability of withstanding the temptation so lets get it over with so the temptation is gone.  

Today, as a new creation and with unbelief gone, I am finally able to understand last night’s lesson.  I had always seen this lesson from the eyes of a victim.  Last night I taught the lesson from the eyes of an overcomer–a new creation.  I sure know I can’t deal with temptation on my own strength, but I no longer see it as panic/fear.  I see it for the disgusting manipulation it is.  Yes, it can own me, but who I want owning me is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  This journey of “one day at a time and one moment at a time” (as stated in the Serenity Prayer) is achievable.  It is achievable when we let Christ be our strength and surrender the weakness we have to Him so the temptation is faced with His defeat of Satan at the Cross of Calvary.  How I love Him for this! 

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