The Journey continues: Dec. 5, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a “new creation”?  I’ve spent an entire 68.5 years wondering this.  Today is the first day I’ve set down to have my devotions knowing I’m a new creation rather than wondering when it would finally arrive.  When someone asks me the retorical question–“How are you?”  I tell them I’m old and special.  I say the old is the description of my age and the special is the description of the “short bus” I rode.  In reality I’ve always thought I was on the “short bus” of living life.  This line I’ve used has been a way of bring laughter into the saddness of my heart. That is no longer true for me.

For so long Kathy and I have tried to help our kids live their lives successfully and to know God well, seeing how He fits into the daily living of their lives.  This morning I am seeing how much we have interferred rather than helped them find God.  Our “doing” too often only helps them see us rather than helps them see God.  God is waiting to “use all things” to bring them to Him and we are trying to do the same thing but when we do it of our motivation rather than God’s, we interfere.  We can only know this interference when we ourselves take a step back and take a look at the present through the lense of God’s Holy Spirit.  Our human eyes want to see what we want to have happen.  God is saying to step back and take a look through His lense so we can better see what He wants to have happen.  It is then we can know His nudge to join HIm if He is asking us to do so.

Our Christmas program we are doing this weekend has a wonderful message of God’s Holy Spirit working and the key people He has asked to join Him.  If you are close by, come see this first hand.  It will be a good time to let God embrace you with His loving arms.  Friday night @ 7:00; Saturday afternoon @ 2:00 or Sunday morning @ 10:00.   

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