The Journey Continues: Dec. 6, 2018

Today’s devotional started with the verse Hosea 6:6.  It reads, “For I desire loyalty and not sacrifice; the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.”  I have read this before and thought I knew what it meant.  God wanted me to be loyal to him and know Him so all I did for Him would please Him because I was being obedient to Him. 

Today, having experienced the past couple weeks of genuine awakening, I read this and know now what I’ve always missed.  God wants loyalty to Him meaning commitment to Him.  He wants knowledge of Him and not burnt offerings which we call “service or obligations, etc.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve begun to realize that knowing God is all about the fulfillment of relationship with Him.  I never realized until now how much bondage I was still in due to trying to find acceptance from my mom and dad; acceptance from God.  The clarity I now see about my fighting to be accepted and have been able to  finally release has given me abundant freedom to understand how I’ve transferred all of this about mom and dad to my relationship with God.  Now that I KNOW this for my mom and dad, I KNOW this for my relationship with God.  Loyalty to God doesn’t mean “earning the right to His Love”. 

I’ve served God in man’s eyes (my eyes) all my life.  I have loved God but I’ve never truly known (believed) He loves me until I’ve now been able to quit fighting the inner battle of being accepted by Him.  I can now receive God without expecting to “earn the right for His Love”.  This is foundational truth about God our Father and now I finally see it, believe it and know it.  No more sacrifices for God trying to earn anything.  What I do for Him is out of sheer love and deep loyalty for His abundant GRACE and MERCY.

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