The Journey Continues: Dec. 7, 2018

As I begin the book in the Bible of Luke I come across the word “ponder” several times.  It is what Mary does with all that is being revealed to her from the angel sent to her, what she hears as she visits Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mom; what the shepherds tell and the wise men from the East and so much more. 

I like the word ponder and I enjoy the experience of pondering.  It is much the same as reflecting.  When I reflect on the work I do in education I have a starting place:  it is usually the same one–“is the work impacting students’ learning?”  If it is, how effective is the learning?  If it isn’t, then we go deeper into the analysis to see where the gaps are which need to be addressed.

This morning there seemed to be a continual focus on children in my devotional reading and then again in my bible reading.  Jesus wasn’t always an adult.  He had to grow into adulthood.  I’m convinced that Mary’s pondering from the first revelation of her becoming pregnant to his going into the wilderness to be tempted helped her to know how to come along side of him as a parent. 

Now that I’m a grandparent I often ponder the ways to best come along side of my grandkids.  As I was journaling about this earlier I sensed God’s Spirit saying to keep the foundation clear.  There is so much garbage in today’s world which Satan would use and does use to confuse children.  He is a master of deception.  As grandpa I can watch and listen for this deception and help my grandkids see confusion for what it is and the Light of Jesus for what it is.  It is fun to buy things for the kids and see that momentary excitement, but it is so much more rewarding to see them following Jesus in their lives and wanting to do so. 

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