The Journey Continues: Dec. 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Polly!  My youngest sis, who will always be the baby to this family, turns 65 today.  I’d say that’s a good indication this generation is at the expiring end when the youngest one has reached this milestone.  I am very grateful for her.  God uses her to inspire many people including her own children and grandchildren.  We love her.

Last night was our church’s first production of “The Christmas Post”.  This morning I have the words, “Start at the manager, then go to the cross,” going over and over in my mind.  These words are the key message of the program given in song from my good friend Mike to the young man playing the key role of store manager.  We give this production today @ 2:00 pm and then tomorrow at 10:00 am.  This will wrap it up and life will go back to a more normal pace.  I’ll be glad for that.   But, having this simple but critical message being given to all the ones attending and watching on-line is worth every ounce of preparation! 

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