The Journey Continues: Dec. 9, 2018

In the teaching world we are taught about Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy of learning.  It starts with learning a lesson for the knowledge of it, builds to comprehension so we can think about how the knowledge can be used and then it grows to application.  Application goes to analysis where we begin to see the worthwhileness of the learning’s application.  It then goes to synthesis where we see how this learning can benefit other learning and fields of learning.  Lastly, we evaluate the effectiveness so we can know if we are to continue as we are, adjust it, etc. 

I start with this educational lesson today because I know this is what God is doing with His scriptural lessons for me.  I’ve known much of God’s Word throughout my life but this has been too much at the knowledge level only.  He is diligently working to bring His lessons in scripture to the higher levels of purpose. 

This morning in reading Luke’s chapter 6 Jesus is talking about forgiveness.  He says we are to love our enemies and to then bless them.  We bless them by praying for them.  This is all in Luke 6: 27-28.  I liked what Joyce Meyer added in a footnote.  She said if we forgive our enemy it is not enough to stop there.  To bless our enemy we are not only to pray for them but to stop talking badly about them.  In talking badly about them we too often migrate right back to the unforgiveness platform God has been wanting us to leave.  The Holy Spirit was nudging me this morning to put this into my own practice with my dad.  In the first paragraph this morning I state that evaluation is the last step in the learning continuum.  However, it is not about evaluating the one delivering the lesson.  It is about how well the learning was able to be applied, analyzed, etc.  God’s job is to evaluate the one delivering the lesson.  This is my personal lesson of today.  It is time for me to bless my dad.  He has been gone for quite some time now, but in his life, he did do some things well.  I’m going to dwell far more on these starting today. 

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