THe jOURNEY cONTINUES: dEC. 10, 2018

“Anything can happen on Christmas Eve.  Miracles are yours for the asking.  The unexpected happens when you believe it may  for anything can happen today.”  These are song lyrics from yesterday’s Christmas production we finished.  It wasn’t until this morning’s devotion that God had me taking these lyrics and seeing their truth  as they apply to His current work in my life. 

“BELIEVE” is a powerful word in God’s Spiritual Rhelm.  It is also a simple word in a young child’s rhelm.  Young children have no problem believing what a storybook tells them or what the Bible tells them.  We are all born with the capability of believing.  Sin entering into our humanness so long ago eats away at this belief until it is almost destroyed.  Boy do I know this well.  However, there has always been a seed of belief deep in my soul that rises momentarily when belief is made visible as in yesterday’s production. 

This morning God has shown me how the “mountain of unbelief” He has removed from me these past few weeks now shows what belief looks like.  It does look like miracles happening around you.  These miracles are things man can’t envision on his own, but they happen in little ways and big ways because someone believes.  I have been one who believes for others but has been unable to do so for myself.  God is teaching me that belief is genuine for everyone just as it is for every child born into this sinful world. 

I want to do a much better job allowing belief to show forth in me throughout each and everyday.  I think it looks like letting The Holy Spirit become the very spirit man sees in us as the new creation God has made us to be. 

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