The Journey Continues: Dec. 11, 2018

Today seems like the calm after the storm.  Yesterday wasn’t a tornado or anything like that, but it was a day which started very early and I didn’t get home until 8 pm last night.  It was long but very productive–at least in man’s world.  This morning as I was journaling I found myself sensing a childhood longing I use to have as a young boy in Southern Calif.  It was there I use to long to be someone important–someone men would turn to for wisdom.  These are adult words to a boy’s dream, but it was something like that.  I reflect back on these moments and wonder if this somehow was what bothered my dad so much?  I don’t ever remember verbalizing this dream to anyone, but I do remember having the dream often.  I can even recall taking what a teacher would say in the classroom and think about how I’d turn that learning into wisdom for someone else.  Of course it never occurred to me that she’d just past wisdom off to me.  I was going to be the one providing the wisdom.

Well, 60+ years later the dream returns.  There are no “mountains of unbelief” blocking the picture as there have been throughout my life.  In reality, God has used this dream He gave me to help motivate the ministries we now have operating: Celebrate Recovery and the Recovery Ministries.  God has used them mightily to bring me back fully to Him in my belief of who He is and who I am to Him.  He is doing the same for so many others too.  He is also using these ministries to help others give back to Him as the leadership in both ministries is almost entirely made up of ones having gone through Celebrate Recovery.  God is such an amazing Father!  How I love Him.  The greatest reward of this is that the giving back today has no ego attached to it as I’m sure it did when I was a boy.  God has brought the power of ego to the cross of humility and thanksgiving.  It is there He transforms the power of sin into the Power of the Cross. 

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