the journey continues: Dec. 17, 2018

This is my last week of work before the Christmas holiday begins and it is a rather full one.  The first two I’m home at night and then the next two I am away.  The good thing is that I’m able to be back in time for the recovery classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  I was amazed yesterday after writing the blog to work on my Tuesday night lesson for tomorrow.  The lesson content was all about what my dream I’d had Saturday night seemed to be addressing.  The lesson centered on how abuse leaves one to deal with life on your own accord and in so doing the adults abusing the child are like lions devouring the child for their selfish reasons with no regard for the effects the child is left to deal with.  I’m sure this will become clearer for me in time, but I was utterly amazed yesterday morning to have these two tie together. 

This morning as I had my devotional time God seemed to take me to a place I needed to know about.  A couple weeks ago I wrote about God removing the mountains of unbelief.  This morning God said that in removing the mountains I needed to know that on the other side of unbelief is more than “flower beds” as I had thought.  There was still man’s selfishness and Satan’s deceptions which I hadn’t wanted to believe existed to the degree they do.  Now that my eyes are opened more I will see more and He wants me to be ready to take all of it to Him rather than steel it away someplace as I’ve always done in the past not wanting to believe it existed. 

God is such an amazing God.  I never want to doubt Him again.  I only want to grow this amazing BELIEF He has graciously offered to each of us. 


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