Sometimes I ponder if I am accomplishing what God has for me to do within a day’s time.  I will briefly ponder it and then the thought is gone because what the day has within it takes over.  Then I get to the next morning and wonder all over again if that is what God wanted done?  That is exactly where I am this morning about yesterday.  I am to be helping/guiding a school district in spending a considerable amount of money to make a significant difference in their children’s learning.  It is also to embed into routine practice what needs to be done so when the project is over the learning will continue at a high rate of success.  So, how does God want this to happen?  How do I know what we are doing is from His leading?  These were only some of my questions for this morning. 

A week ago I was looking forward to yesterday and today as we are wrapping up the budget part of this big needs assessment the district’s two sites have been doing.  I’ve always had a thing about spending money because once one does this it better turn out great or the money was misspent and I sure don’t want to be responsible for that.  Now that we are here and today we are to wrap up the budget for the sites, all these questions come to mind during the night when I was to be sleeping—Ha Ha!

This morning’s message seemed to be what it often is–“Be Still.  Know that I AM GOD.”  There was more to the message but it was all about believing and trusting.  God says He knows and He also knows how to use all of the ones involved to best ensure the work we outline.  So, today I will go trusting what we develop will be what God wants done.  I know we can adjust things as we go and that does help.  I’ve got much to learn about believing and trusting.  I’m glad to be on this road however and on it not alone!

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