Yesterday I wrote about believing and trusting that God will take care of the details of the day.  Well, it was as though I was to simply hang on and do the recording of God’s working for He was bringing many details out into the open so His Work in the day could be done. 

As I got to the school district yesterday I began a list of items needing accomplished for the day in order to get the budget work ready for our meeting at 2:00 pm.  I needed to call a center in San Francisco which is one of the finest research centers for education in the fields of Reading and Math.  Before I had ever retired I spent almost a decade attending their annual conferences and sending people to their trainings on instruction and coaching.  As I called their directory to see who I needed to talk to one of the names was the founder/president of the center.  I hit that number and left a message.  Five minutes later she called me.  I could hardly believe it!  We spent 30+ minutes talking through the district’s needs and I recorded her guidance.  She is a reading expert.  Within a couple of hours I received a call from her math coordinator.  Our meeting at 2:00 was so much more organized having had all the right information.

As the day moved on I received a call from our pastor regarding the issue of our recovery classes and the leadership for the one.  I then called the company that created the curriculum we use and just as God does, I talked to the right person right off the bat.  He gave excellent guidance which I was then able to share with our pastor. 

Not every day is like yesterday.  However, this morning God seemed to be pointing out that when I am following His Lead, His Spirit within me and within the Work He is Leading will be done in His timeline.  I can trust that and believe that each day, regardless of man’s involvement, will be one of His Work.  He is just as He says–An Amazing GOD!

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