God is truly amazing all the time.   I start with these words this morning because He’s already been working in an issue that was going to come to head tonight at Celebrate Recovery.  However, it is being taken care of right now.  I just finished a phone call with a person who is tackling it now so the need can be addressed ahead of time.  I love how God works!  I won’t go into the details of it but it is amazing.

This morning, early, I was starting to worry about the issue in the recovery classes leadership.  God had already told me to trust Him but I was starting to lose that focus.  In my devotional reading and in my Bible reading Jesus was telling His disciples how Satan had wanted to “sift them like sand”.  I’m sure he is wishing to do the same with all of our leaders.  However, I need to trust the only One who is able to stand up to Him and then let Christ do exactly what He says He will do.  So, I confessed my weakness and am now ready to step into this day “trusting all the while.”

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