The past two days I’ve been with two smaller school districts a hundred miles north of where I live.  Both districts are struggling communities with very little financial incentives to bolster them.  The first district on Wednesday was one where I noticed a spirit of connection and purpose on the part of the superintendent, principal and every staff member I interviewed and observed.  I marveled at this and we wrote this in our report for them.  Amazingly, 50 miles away, I saw the same thing yesterday in the second little community.  I doubt they know what they have in common, but to an outsider coming in for a day, it was very obvious.

This morning I finished reading the book of Luke in the New Testament.  Christ was crucified and arose 3 days later in this scripture.  He also appeared to a few people including the floundering disciples who were wondering what they were to now do?  In a moment Christ made a connection with them regarding all He had told them, and shown them to what they were now to do.  They were to now go do what Christ had done himself–do good work modeling love and purpose for living. 

As I was journaling this morning God made a connection for me I hadn’t made until now.  He said, “You see the purpose and connection the folks had in the last two days?  This is what I’ve been doing with you and with mankind throughout time.  Connections get rooted in people when the work done for and with them is done in a spirit of love and respect.  The staff of these two schools love their work, love their kids and deliver their education with a spirit connecting with the children’s spirits which inspires them to do their best.”  God went on to say that He has been waiting for me to see that He wants a connection with me that is bigger than obedience.  One can be obedient but also be resentful.  When the spirit of man is connected to the Spirit of God, resentment dies and is replaced with a desire to serve the Master well. 

Now I see what God is wanting from us (from me).  He wants the connection of His Holy Spirit with mine so my spirit will be inspired to serve Him out of love, respect and admiration.  In so doing the connection between us grows to depths I’ve never thought possible.  Wow, we serve a Magnificent God!

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