The days are winding down for the year of 2018 and they are winding up for all the events centering around Christmas.  In two days my family will arrive in droves at our house and for a week we will have 19 in the house much of the time.  Wrapping presents for everyone and doing their stockings is my assignment for the present.  I kind of enjoy this part.  I also enjoy the chaos of the large group week as everyone groups up to do their things with cousins, siblings, etc. and Kathy and I do the same. 

Yesterday there was a funeral for a 21 year old girl from our church who was a beacon of light for God.  Her service was nothing but GLORIOUS.  Her parents insisted there be no mourning in the service as the service was to be a beautiful experience of their daughter’s life (as short as it was) and how Christ used her during this earthly time.  It was almost 2 hours of love and laughter.  Even my 21 year old grandson was present as they had worked together for Dutch Bros. before Dante moved away to take a different job.

If there is anything I’m learning of late it is that the spiritual man we will totally be upon death is overly influenced by this present human state we live in which is so steeped in the grip of sinfulness.  As parents and grandparents we need to help our kids and grandkids separate this out so they can learn to let the strength of our spiritual self (reliance upon God’s Strength) be that which we live by.  Stepping into problems with our kids and grandkids has to be done in a way that lets them own the problem and work through it with our support and help rather than to try and be their savior by removing them from the problem and fixing it yourself.  God wants me to know this and practice this and I think He wants me to pass this on so my own grandkids learn this process too.

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