Yesterday I said I’d write today about what The Holy Spirit and I discussed when I began to journal to Him.  Actually, it was about how to be strong in Him.  Notice how I wrote this sentence?  How “I” would be strong in Him was what I was was wanting to know.  It is a genuine character flaw of mine to continue to think at some point in time I will become strong in the Holy Spirit.  Instead, I am being awakened to my need to submit, surrender myself so The Holy Spirit can be strong in me.  I am a messanger for The Holy Spirit.  His strength is made strong when I am fully surrendered to this truth.

On Monday I’d had a day of temptations of “old me thinking”.  I was tired and coming off of a week of family.  Satan was trying to get me to submit to his temptations and beliefs.  I didn’t tell anyone, just battled it all day in my mind.  This is why yesterday’s message was so important to me.  God is wanting me to know I am not the one who is made strong.  I find strength through surrendering.  I surrender by telling the temptation.  When I tell I bring the temptation into God’s Light–The Holy Spirit’s presence.  It is there that the temptation has to flee for Satan cannot stand in the Holy Presence of God when his lies are being exposed. 

Telling is one of my hardest battles.  If I expose temptations to others I think I am weak.  The old commitment I had after I left home was that I would never be weak again after being raised to think I was nothing but weak.  I couldn’t do what dad did and I had to compensate for the failure I was by being as strong as possible.  I know this is all a big lie, but at the moment of telling a temptation, this old lie screams in my head.  My commitment for 2019 is to face this mountain with the “faith of a mustard seed”.  God’s Word tells us that the faith of a mustard seed will remove mountains.  I’ve found the truth in this too in other beliefs.  Now it is time for me to apply it in this area of my life. 

2019 is going to be a year of living in freedom.  The new creation I am doesn’t mean I have no humanness left.  It means I’m learning to surrender this old human flaw rather than hide in its lies.     

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