The journey does continue all right.  Yesterday’s post told you about my pride not wanting to admit I have struggles common to man.  I said that I wanted to submit to The Holy Spirit’s leading in my life and I’d do that by telling when I had a temptation battle in my mind.  I did let my accountability partner know of this plan and that’s where it stopped.  As the day went on the temptations arrived and I told no one.  I kept telling myself they would go away, etc. 

This morning as I was talking to God and The Holy Spirit about this I realized an area of my life I needed to address.  As a young boy I was committed to never living my life looking like my dad.  I thought I would live above his ways.  Hiding temptations or acting on temptations, either one, was needed so I didn’t look like dad.  This is how I lived above dad’s ways (in my head).  This morning as I journaled I asked The Holy Spirit what I was missing from yesterday?  He simply spoke to my mind telling me I am human just like dad.  Dad acted on his anger temptations with his words and with his actions (beatings).  My temptations are different but the fact I have them doesn’t make me like dad.  I’m like dad because we are human.  I cannot rise above humanness until I die out of this life.  If I am to live in the new creation (spiritual being) Christ gave me, I need to obey the Holy Spirit’s message of yesterday and tell.  He reminded me of Christ’s words when He said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”.  This is true only when we follow the simple step of telling.  The burden becomes light when I surrender it by telling.

Never, ever did I hear my dad say he had an anger problem.  I doubt he told that to anyone.  My lesson for today is to not be like dad by telling my temptation rather than hiding it or acting on it.  I truly want to live by The Holy Spirit’s lead in my life.  I guess making the commitment yesterday doesn’t mean the habit is in place the next day.  I have to work on the new habit by stop acting on the old one.  Today I tell and not hide.

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