Yesterday was a day of obedience.  As I was out doing some errands I met with my accountability partner and told him face to face about the struggles of telling and the pride behind it.  It was so interesting to hear him say he has the same.  All men struggle with temptation and then telling it to another man.  I suppose women struggle with this too but it does seem they are better about the telling or at least talking about it.

One of our Celebrate Recovery attendees died yesterday late afternoon.  His body had succumbed to the effects of a life of alcohol.  He was a trooper in that a few years ago he made things right with God and he even helped some others who struggled as he did.  He is not struggling anymore!  His body is free of the grips of sin’s effects.  Our pastor was able to pray with him and his family right before he passed on.  God is amazing in all ways. 

This morning I was journaling out all the things I’m anxious about.  When I was done I felt better and asked God what He wanted me to know about them?  He reminded me that it was now time to let Him take care of them.  He doesn’t see them as problems as I do.  They are opportunities for Him, His Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus to bring others to THEM.  This is done when I surrender all my control.  God wants a spiritual outcome from them which means each one involved would grow in their walk with Him.  I want a human outcome which may or may not have a spiritual growth.  God, being who he is, will take care of both.  He may or may not use me but I will let His nudges tell me when I’m to involve myself.  This is a big step of learning for me but God is a GREAT TEACHER and I do want to be a good student. 

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