Do you know what it is like to live as the new creation we are?  To be in full access to the Holy Spirit who lives within us?  To live with Christ Jesus fully on the throne of our life and keeping Him there throughout the living of each day?  I am becoming more and more aware that being a new creation and living the new creation life is its own journey which I am becoming quite conscious of. 

Yesterday was an intense day meeting with the ones in our state working with the under-performing schools/districts.  There is a good deal of need for these sites to do some dramatic work so that students don’t leave these districts having been poorly educated due to a lack of focus on them.  By the time the day was done I was back into my mode of thinking that I lived and worked under all of my career.  I was going to make this happen with the ones I’m assigned to assist.  However, as I reflect this morning I know perfectly well that this is not going to happen well if the Earnie of yesterday is the one going into the sites.  It is the Earnie committed to being the new creation and keeping Christ in the center of the work leading all of it which will make the ultimate difference.  I do know the operational practice of my old self.  God is wanting me to wait on Him and work under His leading as the steps are taken.  I know this way as my day begins with Him.  It is keeping myself surrendered during the day where I want and need to grow. 

Living the new creation is the goal of this year.  I know I will need to be brought back to this place several times and today was one of them. 

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