Living the new creation life is its own journey.  One of the things I’ve recently heard, and maybe even put it into the blog at some recent point, is that Satan’s attacks on man are not so much to cripple us with guilt and shame.  It is far more about his being able to throw mud into God’s face (or attempt to do so).  God’s forgiveness sets us free but if Satan can get us to wallow in the shame of our actions he takes great pride in it.  I find that so often when I make a commitment to God I will struggle to do it or follow through with it.  Not only do I struggle to do it but I will find myself butting up against walls, etc. which often cause stumbling blocks. 

In my devotions of today I read Joyce Meyer saying that when we don’t find an answer from God we far too often jump to our own conclusion and “do it ourselves” thinking this is the best I can do.  This is the second thing I’m learning about living in the new creation.  God is often asking us to pause and be still during these times of “no answer” as the circumstances aren’t ready for us to move forward. When the disciples were told to pray and wait for the infilling of The Holy Spirit they weren’t given a timeframe.  They were given an assignment.  Waiting for the assignment to take place required them to stay on task of the assignment (pray) until God was ready.  These two items are very important as we step into living the new creation life given to us.  Understanding how much Satan will attempt to roadblock us and then to pause until the doors are opening to complete assignments in God’s way, not ours.  God’s timing is everything and I need to be reminded of this very often. 

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