Yesterday I was able to have a conversation with one of the young administrators I’ve needed/wanted to have for several weeks.  Last week he shared some critical information with me which told me a great deal about his reservations to move forward with the work needing to be done even though what he told me didn’t connect directly to this year’s work.  It was about his past experiences.  So, yesterday I thanked him for sharing with me last week.  I made the connection about what he shared to his reticence in moving forward with this new district’s work.  The look on his face was all I needed to see.  The connection was real for him.  I was able to say to him that it was ok to let the past remain in the past.  What he needed to learn from the past could be part of this present and future work but it didn’t need to control the healthy steps everyone should be taking.  It seemed to make perfect sense to him which was truly a God thing.  I used those words too.

In the time of the conversation this young man connected our relationship as moving forward also.  He had felt like I was “telling him things he wasn’t ready to hear” and this time I was telling him things he could hear.  God is all about timing, but it is His timing and certainly not man’s that makes the difference.  I so often want to push through things God hasn’t finished His work in.  I am better at sensing this with His Holy Spirit, but not all the time.  I have my own learning from this experience.  God is such an intimate, loving God always working in us to complete what His Kingdom Work desires us to be part of. 

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