Well, the class I wrote about yesterday was a genuine hit.  It seemed to be the starting place God wanted us to see and know.  There were 28 people who came last night for the class.  I was hoping for half that amount but God knew who He wanted there and they came.  I was thanked for putting this together even though all I did was find someone to teach it and arrange a place for this to start.  There were so many who have been wishing for a place that was allowing this topic of LBGT to be discussed without the venom of judgment and opinion always being present and spoken.  God was glorified. 

My own class last night was all about the topic of shame.  The activities we were to do and the questions we are to answer truly uncovered the depth of this toxic shame in me.  How much I long to have this gone but hiding it is not the way to dispel its bondage.  I hate, but love the means used by the authors to help the participant, like myself, uncover it.  Then we are able to address what the next step is to be.  One example of this was answering the question about what am I most ashamed of when I look into myself?  After answering it I was to write out what I am as a new creation in Christ countering this lie Satan has wanted me to believe all of my life.  I’ve not done this before.  In fact the other men in the group hadn’t answered this question.  It seemed too obscure to them.  We spent much time working this topic.  The counselor working with our groups is going to spend some time with us next week to help us see this more clearly.  The outcome of these classes is to be freedom, not knowledge which goes nowhere in helping us release these lies of our past.

Eleven years ago when I first retired from the school district after 35 years, I wanted to live the rest of my life helping others find freedom.  Little did I know how much Freedom God was wanting me to also find.  I realize now that I knew freedom as something to obtain by hard work which was never going to be obtained that way.  God is so faithful in helping me let go and allowing Him to one day at a time, break all of this bondage so freedom is found once and for all through HIM!

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