Do you know what the little book of Jude, which is right before the last book of the Bible–Revelation, says?  In verse 24 it says, “Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you faultless….”  I read this in my devotional this morning as I began my time of devotions.  I quickly looked for the reference to these words thinking some man had written them.  Sure enough, a man did write them but the man wasn’t one of us, he was a writer of scripture placed in the Bible.  The first part of this scripture says he is able to “keep me from stumbling”.  If you are like me you’ve thought stumbling was just a part of living in this human form.  It is in reality, too.  However, Jude states a promise from Jesus Christ I needed to read this morning. 

Jesus Christ gave each of us The Holy Spirit as our gift when each one of us asks Him into our heart–lives.  Over the past few years I’ve learned that the throne on which Christ sits in our lives is housed in our mind–brain.  This organ does control every aspect of our human body’s function.  As we surrender every aspect of ourselves to Christ and surrender our will to take charge to Christ, The Holy Spirit is empowered to do just what this scripture says–“keep me from stumbling”.  I was ready to read this and today–believe it, rather than tremble in fear of it. 

I’ve not been able to say until now that entering into this open dialogue of homosexuality is fearful in many aspects.  However, I know I’m doing it from obedience and for all the right reasons.  God is definitely opening these doors and I’m to step into them.  The class I’m presently taking, the new class we’ve just started, all of this is on purpose and God is showing me my part in this Work of His.  Instead of fear, He is wanting for me to know today that His Son and His Son’s Gift–The Holy Spirit, will keep me from stumbling.  I can believe this and be confident that I’m doing just what God has intended.  How grateful I am. 

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