As today begins I’m faced with an opportunity to praise God.  I didn’t get up feeling this way however.  Kathy is leaving for a week with her sister to assist with her sis on a buying trip for her store in Joseph, OR.  They enjoy this time and I’ve always thought it was a good time for Kathy to get away from Winter in Idaho.  For me, this time, I’ve feared the days alone.  I’ve been under more attach of late with the class I’m taking on abuse as well as the one we just started. 

This morning as I was reading in Acts Joyce Meyer adds a piece of her own testimony in connection with Paul’s writing of Acts.  She says there was a point in her ministry where she was being very fearful.  One evening she was feeling quite despondent and asked God to help her understand.  In so doing the Lord pointed her to Romans 15:13 which says in part:  “May the God of your hope fill you with joy and peace in believing through the experience of your faith….”  Just like Joyce had been, I’ve been looking at the problem I face rather than looking at the God of my HOPE.  Instantly, as I took hold of this truth my peace returned. 

God is such a tremendously loving God of grace and mercy.  I do have complete hope in Him.  I needed this morning to get focused.  Now my week will be one where I can rejoice in all God has in store for it. 

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