Yesterday was a remarkably good day in many ways.  I got the gals off to the airport and they are now into their buying week.  That could be frightening for me, but….

One of our Celebrate Recovery men came over yesterday afternoon and did his inventory with me.  He had started this a couple years ago and had not finished it until yesterday.  In the couple of years he has experienced some life changing ordeals like two heart attacks.  He is 10 years younger than me.  God is working in his life.  He also shared a huge amends he wanted to do but needed to express it ahead of time.  In all of this I kept sensing God’s work in this man’s life.  I’ve known this guy and his wife for almost 10 years now and it was the first time I could see life-changing differences.  There was a genuine sense of HOPE as we met.  I thank God for this!

A couple of other areas in our family have me on the verge of worry.  As I’d written yesterday, God reminds me to praise Him rather than live in fear.  I’m so glad He pointed this out yesterday.  I am needing it again today and I need a consistent reminder for each day.  Today I praise God for all I know He is doing whether I can see it, hear it or experience it.  I know that God is Working.  I trust Him and praise Him this day!

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