I think all of us know we are a carnal, human person with a spiritual presence within us.  If we are Christian we also know this spiritual presence connects directly to God’s Holy Spirit when we give our lives to Jesus Christ as the only true way to God our Father.  The Sunday School class I’ve begun to attend a few weeks back is fascinating.  The sole purpose for it is to help us connect the stories of the Bible to us today.  It is done by taking the scriptures back to their language roots so the translations don’t adjust their meanings.  The Hebrew language is one of pictures so every letter has a personal meaning for life.  Our teacher is gifted at bringing these pictures into focus as she teaches. 

It is amazing to me that I want to understand scripture in my human mind as I understand math or science.  However, there are things God wants us taking by faith which always make me wonder where that came from or why am I to do that?  An example is living as a new creation.  How does this happen and what does it really look like in this human world?  How do I rely on the Holy Spirit in day to day activities?  What does faith and trust look like at these times?  I asked yesterday why God revealed to Mary about Jesus being born and then simply told Joseph to trust her.  Also, God showed Rebecca she was having twins and the second one would rule over the first one.  Why didn’t He tell this to Isaac?  The teacher said that in the Jewish language woman are known to be more spiritual and able to believe God’s messages.  Men question while women believe. 

Today I want to start believing far more than I question.  Maybe I’ll still question but I don’t want that to replace believing even when I don’t understand.  God is wanting to strengthen my belief and I want to give Him permission to do all He needs to help me be a strong believer using trust and faith always rather than doubt and speculation.  God–be free to do all You need to do.

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