Today, this morning, I am picking up the testimony of a dear friend who is giving it for the first time this Thursday at Celebrate Recovery.  He has been coming for about 8 years now and finally decided it was time to stand before the group and tell the story of God’s work in his life.  I am very proud of him!  He has actually been my accountability partner for the past 4 years and has served as my sponsor too as I have for him.  I’m looking forward to seeing just how God uses his story to touch others who may be stuck.  God has a way of lifting us into new insights through the stories of His Work in other’s lives. 

I told you about the Sunday School class I’m attending.  Last Sunday the teacher asked us which Bible character would we aspire to be more like?  I didn’t say anything but I’ve always wished I could be more like John.  In his book of John he never names himself.  He only refers to himself as the disciple Christ loved.  I’ve wished so often to carry that confidence within me knowing I am loved by God’s Own Son.  This morning as I was journaling I asked God what He wanted me to know from Him for the day as I do each day.  He said, “Earnie, you are My adopted son for which I love.  John was not the only disciple Christ loved but John loved himself so he was able to receive Christ’s love more easily.  Have confidence that I love you just the same way.”  As I write this I think of the scripture which says to love our neighbor as ourselves.  I know this is the love God is talking about–it is confidence that we are created in the image of God and for good.  I want to stay anchored in this truth.

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