The saga of recovery seems to be ever before me in my thoughts as I go into this day.  The lesson of last night’s recovery class was steeped in strongholds which I can call powerlessness, darkness, deadness.  The sub-topic for the lesson was “symptoms of post-traumatic stress”.  As only God would ordain, the counselor we have joining us every other week was present last night and spent the entire 90 mins with us.  Afterwards he offered his counseling assistance to one of the guys who has never had any treatment for PTSD and his childhood abuse/trauma.  As I was finished locking up the place he also asked me if I’d like any additional help to better find freedom?  I told him I knew from this lesson that I still have an area gripping me I need to address.  As I took all of this to God this morning He seemed to confirm for me that His Holy Spirit desires to help me replace the “hardness of heart” I have regarding some issues I’ve talked about but my body doesn’t know the freedom of the hardness nor how to find the means to let it go.  I certainly recognize my body’s response vs what my mind knows. 

I am going to set an appointment for this counselor to help me address this.  I seem to know what needs to be addressed, but finding the means to let it go is the goal.  Boy, God is so faithful and His Holy Spirit is so patient.  I’m so glad to have the means for facing this giant through God’s leading.

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