I wouldn’t have thought when I wrote my autobiography 3 years ago that I’d be writing what I’m about to write.  However, in the recent lessons on shame and the one I mentioned for this week, I can feel the grip–bondage which still exists in me.  The counselor and I talked about this after class last Tuesday and yesterday I called him and I’m going in this morning to address what I wasn’t ready to address all those years ago.  The therapy of EMDR is what the counselor will use.  I’m well acquainted with it as I’ve had 2+ years of it before. 

Somehow, being OK has always been very important to me.  For a long time being OK is what I wanted the world to see in me and so I kept my past hidden.  Well, the emotional infection was oozing out way back in my late 30’s when I went for the first time.  Then, when I went again in my late 50’s the wounds were open–most of them.  Today I want to open the last of them with the counselor’s help.  God has been very faithful in helping me see this need.  How much I do love HIM!

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