HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!  I’ve always thought this was a rather cute celebration.  My first year of being a principal back in 1980, I had a sheet cake made with a groundhog on the frosting.  The staff was caught in the throws of winter doldrums both with students and themselves.  The celebration was a spirit boost momentarily helping everyone to see spring is coming.  In writing this I see that I probably did this more for myself than anyone else.

With Kathy getting home yesterday I was able to talk through all of the class and counseling dialogue with her.  I know I caught her when she was wishing to nap but she stayed awake for it.  It was helpful to put all of this emotional strife into a conversation.  It helps to bring meaningfulness out of it.  Now that I’m more awake to emotions I can see why they need to be expressed.  Housing them without expression brings about alter expressions which aren’t necessarily healthy. 

I’m eager to know where all this is going.  I’ve always been one to believe that God takes us through times like this preparing us for the next chapter in our living each day for Him.  I’ll be patient however as I know He is bringing about a healing I’ve rushed by in times past.  These roots of deception have to get uprooted for good this time.  To God be all Glory!

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