Yesterday was a fascinating day.  I started with the counseling appointment.  It was so insightful.  He said something he sees which I am now addressing.  He said that we often think we have found freedom from a “chain or bondage” when we identify its presence.  We stop at that point of identity.  I’ve done this every since I started counseling.  He said that the chains aren’t really gone until we have let them go and we have no weight from them or emotions being wasted suppressing whatever they are doing to us internally.  I’ve walked my journey long enough to see exactly where this applies to me.  He even told me to have a meeting with myself to see if I am bothered by the thought or if it is my dad’s voice speaking.  The new creation God gives us doesn’t work from voices of the past which have dominated our minds and feelings.  This sounds weird but I knew exactly how to do this.  It works too! 

I have been addressing the idea of living as a new creation for some time now.  If for no other reason, going to this counselor is giving great insights for day to day living as this new creation Christ came to give us.  Also, The Holy Spirit never uses the voices of our past to speak to us.  Trusting the new voice and trusting that whatever God is putting on my plate is for His Kingdom and He wants me not dragging the bondage of my old past into it.  I can use my past but I can’t use it if I’m trying to bring it with me.  I am seeing this much more clearly now.  God is so good and faithful!

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