I love getting up in the morning and doing my devotions starting in the dark and by the time I get to my prayer time it is turning light. It is as though God is showing how He turns the darkness into Glorious Light each and every day for us if we just take the time with Him. Sharing the burdens of life as well as the joys of life to God allows Him to speak to us through His Word and through our spirit as we pray to Him.

God isn’t letting up for me on this thing about our personal emotions. He is wanting me to fully understand that emotions are not sinful. They can be used that way but emotions are a gift first and foremost. In my class on Tuesday night’s, one of our recent lessons said that men need small group opportunities regularly to become vulnerable with one another so they can share their deeper hurts and sometimes hidden addictions. The small groups allow the safety. I know all of this very well. What I hadn’t realized until of late the part emotions play in this arena. Often times before the small group meets, someone has to set the stage for the emotions to stir and create the energy, inner nudge (called the Holy Spirit working) to tell what God is stirring within. This is usually done with someone in the small group opening with their own personal struggle and how God has been part of helping them with it. It can also be a speaker or a testimony like we use in Celebrate Recovery every other week. Emotions are the fuel which propels us into taking the risky step of telling. James 5:16 tells us that when we confess one to another, the righteous man will pray and from this one finds healing.

God is definitely wanting me to not only know this but He is wanting me to understand the importance emotions play in this process of finding healing. I’ve known emotions all my life. Dad would severely ridicule me for having “so much emotion” that I’d cry as a child over a touching tv program or just a touching moment. The tenderness of emotions were taught to be a weakness rather than a gift of strength. Emotions were also taught to be feminine which played right into my abuse from my brother. Well, God is done giving me grace believing any of these lies. It is time for me to know the truth and the truth is setting me free. I want so much for men and women to know that God is so faithful, loving and kind helping us to overcome any struggle life has given them. To God be all Glory!

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