Yesterday had much going on in it but the highlight of the day happened when choir practice ended last night.  A young man who sings in the choir came up to me as we were leaving and said, “You guys who did the cardboard testimonies yesterday are our church leaders.  You are the bravest people I know.  Your message was so powerful.”  It is always amazing to me to hear a compliment like this.  I still struggle somewhat getting in front of hundreds of people displaying the darkness of my past.  I fear judgment as I suppose most if not all of us do.  However, each time this takes place there is never judgment.  Instead, one hears again how God is glorified.  Hearing this compliment takes my eyes off of me and helps me keep them on God and His Work.

Between the Blackaby’s, Joyce Meyer, Paul in writings of Galatians and Ephesians, I am being bombarded with God’s messages about living in God’s Spirit.  Our humanness wants to keep me right here and keep me in charge. But, God wants us to remain in our mind–our spirit–with Him knowing we are completing His Work while here on earth.  While this is happening don’t get swallowed up in our humanness keeping our eyes on man rather than on God.  This morning I had an entire list of things I was journaling to God about, but God is very consistent in reminding me to let Him be God.  He will nudge through His Holy Spirit when He wants me to take a step. 

God is so GOOD.  I never want to be outside of His Perfect Will as I live each day. 

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