We had quite the trip yesterday getting into California.  We arrived nicely and caught the rental car bus to the garage where we always go to get our car.  When the assistant saw my papers she suddenly stopped and said I had made these arrangements with a different office which is about 7 miles inland from San Diego airport.  They couldn’t help me.  Kathy and I took Uber for the first time and got to the right office.  We finally got our car and headed to my sister’s place.  As we got off the freeway and onto boulevard which takes us to Bonnie’s a car on our left sideswiped our rental.  Not a lot of damage, but….  I finally just chalked up the facts that this trip must have a lot of God’s Kingdom work attached to it.  Satan is really wanting me to get distracted. 

Yesterday before heading out, I had a counseling appointment.  It ended with the counselor telling me as soon as I was sitting on the edge of my bed I was to remind myself who I am.  I am a child of God and I am a man created in God’s image with the characteristics God made me to be.  I wasn’t sure I’d remember to do this because Folgers is usually all I think about when I first arise.  However, it was the first thing on my mind.  I did this, went to the kitchen and got my coffee and started reading Ephesians.  Chapter 4 talks only about Paul telling the people of Ephesus to transform their actions by the renewing of their minds. 

This message is finally starting to make sense to me.  To be transformed it isn’t about doing, it is about believing who God made me to be and believing I can have the fruits of the Spirit embodied in me without doing.  This journey is like a new start and I’m thinking I’m ready to step into it!

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