For whatever reason, today feels like a vacation day.  I have nothing on my plate except a lunch meeting with one of our pastors.  The rest of the day I get to be in the yard pruning raspberries, blackberries and enjoying the fact that Spring is right around the corner!

The other thing that is so excellent about today connects to what I wrote yesterday.  I taught our lesson on Confess last night for Celebrate Recovery.  Afterwards in share group I told the men about my counseling session.  The fact I can have a man love me and I not having to worry about it is still stunning to me.  I have reflected on this, this morning again and it just leaves me mystified.  I don’t have any reservations about it now, but I feel as though I don’t know what to do with this.  One of the guys in the group last night told me afterwards he was very grateful I shared this.  He has been battling his own relapse desires and to know they don’t own us–or need to own us–is the bottom line. 

Well, outside of a pastor meeting, I’ll be spending the day with life I love–plants.  I’ve never had a question about my love for them or theirs for me.  We were bonded from birth I believe.  I know God is wanting me to simply take this new truth and let it reveal itself as life continues.  This is truly an item of being a new creation I look forward to experiencing and being balanced with God and myself. 

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