Yesterday did turn out to be a wonderful gardening day and a lesson day.  As I met with one of our pastors for lunch the conversation turned to men loving men.  He is a very demonstrative man and easily tells men he loves them–including me.  When I told him of my recent counseling and awakening to the truth that men can love men without any sexual thought, I asked him to talk with me about this topic.  I literally asked, “What goes through your mind when you are telling a man you love him?”  “What is your motivation to do this–say this?”  It was a good lesson for me to listen to what genuine love sounds like and feels like from the one who loves.  In truth, it sounded just like the way I feel towards my grandsons and many of my own friends.  The fear that I’ve had all my life of men loving to coerce into sex is definitely a lie from Satan himself.  I’m actually looking forward to finding God’s peace in this topic which has already begun.

The good thing for today is it is much like yesterday.  I did get most of the raspberries pruned and I also got one of the blackberry patches cleared.  (I need now to make a trip to the dump as this patch being an old one, had much hog wire in it which I want to clean out.  Then, when this is done I can plant my new asparagus patch!  God is good and He gives us these times when our hearts are taking delight.  I know I’m not going to have a large crowd of people relating to this, but this is one of my loves! 

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