When I was having lunch with one of our pastors last Friday he told me he was preaching today on The Holy Spirit.  I was very glad to hear this so I could learn more about Him and hopefully, Him and me.  This morning as I was thanking God for having Pastor Ryan preach on The Holy Spirit He prodded me to listen beyond my ears and mind.  He said to listen with my heart and emotions and do this starting at the time I was journaling.  He reminded me that as I get to church for the worship team practice and choir practice The Holy Spirit will be present then. 

I’ve always thought I needed to control my emotions with my mind and today I seem to be hearing a message about control through my heart.  This is something I’ve heard all my life and pretty much let it go because it’s not grounded in me.  I sense today that God is wanting to get this going.  There was also one other awakening added to this from my scripture reading in II Timothy.  Paul was telling Timothy to not be afraid, fear what God is giving him.  The Holy Spirit overcomes fear with His Power and Presence.  The idea that The Holy Spirit replaces fear is what I needed to grasp.  I’ve always had this intimidation regarding Him and all along He wants to have me trusting Him explicitly.  Well, today I’m ready for this journey to awaken me to the very Holy Spirit which God is. 

Wow, God is so good. 

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