Yesterday was a day to get things done starting early enough I didn’t get my blog written.  This weekend has been one of unexpected, but good surprises.  Our oldest daughter and family came out Friday night for dinner unexpectedly as their kitchen is being remodeled and full of dust due to the work of the carpenter being there.  Yesterday I had my two youngest grandsons all day when they were to be with their dad.  However, even though none of this was planned, all of them were blessings.  Friday night I was able to listen to my oldest daughter speak her heart without interruption.  Yesterday I was able to be with my grandsons as they played to their hearts’ content.  They helped me when I needed them and off they’d go to their fictional wars and battles.  I was in the yard all day myself prepping the garden with rototilling, pruning blackberries, digging up berry starts I will give away, etc.  The only breaks were fixing the boys breakfast and lunch.  Boy are my muscles speaking to me today!

This morning I began reading Hebrews.  In the first couple chapters it tells that Jesus had little written about him from the time after he was born until he was a young man.  Scripture only says he grew in spirit and in favor with God and man.  This really spoke to me, especially the fact he grew in spirit.  There is only one way that can happen–good parenting.  Our spirit is eternal.  Our emotions and our minds are flesh.  When we surrender our lives to Christ asking Him to be our Savior and Lord, we receive His Gift–The Holy Spirit.  Our spirit is then dominated (replaced?) by The Holy Spirit.  Christ is far more capable of handling our lives when we quit trying to dominate our lives from our minds and emotions.  This is where Satan attacks and we want to quickly react.  I say all of this because when our spirit is not nurtured as Christ’s was by his parenting the spirit is not kept in dominance of life.  I use to be told by dad he needed to kill my spirit.  In mom’s emotional absence I learned to believe I wasn’t important.  All of this is what Satan wanted done.  God is certainly working to change all of this belief for me today. 

This weekend I watched and listened to the way God is working in my oldest daughter’s life.  I also watched two young grandsons respond to their spirits and later in the day to their emotions as they were getting tired and their anger started to flare at one another.  I’m wanting to use these lessons to awaken my own self to be in touch with my new Spirit and let His dominance be in charge of me. 

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