Today is an early start one.  I’m headed to work with a school district a fair distance away and meeting up with another person in 45 minutes.  Before all of this begins I need to reflect a moment on yesterday and all God opened my eyes to see.

As I got to church yesterday a good friend began to tell me about their 30 year old son who is simply lost and broken.  He is living at home with them and hiding.  He has been lost in drugs and in so doing, lost his marriage and young daughter, and seemingly all interest in continuing life.  She wanted to know if I’d talk to him.  I’ve known him since birth.  In our Celebrate Recovery monthly meeting following church, our training was about good leadership and what it looks like.  One item was praying for those in your group and in the areas you serve.  Later in the afternoon I had my youngest daughter cut my hair where I was able to ask my grandson and his friend if they’d like to go to a men’s dinner next Friday night and they said, “Yes!”  This is the home where strife was extreme last week.  The evening ended with one of the men I sponsor in CR calling with his own crisis and needed to talk it through.

This morning in my Bible reading of Hebrews, chapters 3 & 4 I’m told about having faith.  Christ is our best example of One who believed, trusted and had immense FAITH.  We are told to do so also.  I must admit, by the end of this weekend I was waning in faith–wondering just what God was wanting?  This morning it is clear again–He is wanting me to trust Him, trust His nudges, do my part and have faith that He will do His.  I am ready again to do this.  Boy, is our God faithful to us–I want to return this favor as best as possible.

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