Sometimes I wonder just what God is doing as circumstances unravel? My oldest grandson blew his knee and is needing surgery and a year of healing to get it back to health. My next grandson is the one who was going to the dinner with me and I set it up for Friday when it is actually Saturday. We won’t be here. One of our group leaders for tonight’s recovery classes has been in the hospital and won’t likely lead tonight. This class has several ladies in it who truly need the class. They’ve already missed several nights due to their own issues and now the leader is fragile.

In the midst of all of this God is telling me to Trust Him. This is not something I’m to manage or control, I’m to do my part and let God lead. I really see the “control side” of me wanting to reach out at times like this. When I see this I wonder what I’d control even if I could? All of these things are out of my control anyway. It’s probably time to get into the garden and relax there with mother earth. She and I do get along well. We will have time together next week as all the schools are in spring break. I’ll take advantage of this opportunity.

Sensing the needs of people is being in touch with one’s spirit I’m learning. Trying to control the circumstances is responding to this from my human emotions rather than continuing to do what God prompts me to do. This is a big learning curve for me. I want to stay on track and be the servant God outlines for me each day.

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