Yesterday my oldest grandson had knee surgery. As I waited during the surgery time I began to read the book by Watchman Nee: The Spiritual Man. I didn’t get very far but far enough to know this is exactly what God wants me reading. You know what’s amazing about it? Watchman wrote it in 1927. God’s purposes never change. This just goes to prove it once again to me.

This morning as I had my devotional time God was leading me into living as the new creation He made me to be. All of this desire to live as a spiritual being now is making much more sense. God never created us to be “human beings” managed by our own minds and thinking. Sin has overshadowed in so many ways God’s original intent for man (me). God’s Word is given to us to be our daily, living guide. However, it makes perfect sense when we read it with our spiritual eyes and listen with our spiritual ears. For example, James 5:16 tells us to: “confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Man says to “suck it up” and “toughen up”. Man thinks he can do all of this on his own strength and when he fails, he needs to hide it so he doesn’t look weak. The spiritual man obeys just what the words says to do: “confess” and do it even ahead of sinning–confess when you are tempted. The outcome is amazing–you are healed!

I contacted my accountability partner this morning and told him I’m believing today I am the new creation God said He made me to be. If I butt up to temptation God and he will be the first to know. I want to say I am “working” on this. However, believing is my weakness so instead of saying I’m working on this, I’m saying, “I’m believing”. I’m wanting to be done with “working” on this. That’s what man does and I know that outcome well.

PS–The surgery was a big success!

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